Counselor In Training opportunity
be a c.i.t.  at  v.i.t.
Summer Program 2023
CIT Application
Process for applying:
Fill out application below
Wait for an email confirming application acceptance
Choose and agree upon dates and schedule
Come have fun with kids and animals at VIT!
Requirements for acceptance:
Must have completed on or more VIT programs
Be comfortable handling and showing kids how to hold animals
Learn proper animal cage cleaning and assist kids with daily animal care
Be comfortable prepping animal salads, bugs, and food.
Want to work with kids and be a role model for younger students
Be willing to buddy up with younger campers for support.
Supervise recess time with other CIT's without cell phones.
Assist teachers with lessons and chores including dishes, laundry, sweeping etc.
Must be excited to spend the summer interacting with and learning all about animals.

Student Information

Gender *
What size tee shirt does your child wear? *
Does your child(ren) have any health or concerns we should be aware of? * (i.e. asthma, allergies (food or animal),hearing or vision difficulties, special needs etc.?) *

Marketing Release

We want your Vet in Training to be Facebook famous, but we need your permission first. Please review the terms and select the consent option below which applies to all students you are registering for this program.
I grant permission to HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service and HousePaws Vets in Training Program, its employees and authorized representatives to take photographs and/or video of me and/or my son(s)/daughter(s), to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. Student name information will not be used without advance permission from parents. I agree that HousePaws may use such photographs, videos or stories including me and/or my son/daughter with or without our names and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as social media, publicity, advertising, and other Web content. *
Parent/Guardian signature *

Parent/Guardian Information

Weeks your interested in attending

Please choose the weeks you wish your child to attend. We will be creating a schedule on a first come first serve basis. We will not need more than three CIT's per week. Once your application is accepted you will receive confirmation and we will agree upon dates as they are available.
CIT's are welcome to come in weekly or on various days.  If you wish to only come a few days a week please confirm those dates via email after application has been accepted.
Please note that availability for field trips is limited.  The first three CIT's to volunteer as chaperones on field trips will be all that we can accept into the program.
Week 1: Summer with the Animals Kick-Off week! 
June 26-June 30
Week 2: Caring for Companion Animals  **This is a shorter week with no field trip**
July 5 -July 7

CIT Positions Filled
Week 3: Veterinary Science Exploration
July 10- July 14

Week 4:  All Creatures Great & Small
July 17 - July 21

Week 5: Art With Animals
July 24 - July 28

CIT Positions Filled
Week 6: Pet Preparedness
July 31 - August 4

CIT Positions Filled
Week 7: Veterinary Science Exploration II
August 7 - August 11

CIT Positions Filled
Week 8: More Art With Animals
August 14 - August 18
Week 9: Exotics and Endangered Animals
August 21 - August 25

CIT Positions Filled
Week 10 : Say Goodbye to Summer!
August 28 - September 1

Early Care / Late Care Options

Will you need to drop your child off for early care? Please Indicate how many weeks of early care you will need. Early care is 7:30am-9am
Will you need late care? Please Indicate how many weeks of late care you will need. Late care is 3:30pm-5pm
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