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Please submit CAMERA READY Artwork/Copy along with your remittance. Acceptable formats for all files include: PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Upload a .pdf of your ad exactly as you wish it to appear. Ads made be cropped and framed.

• Acceptable methods of payment are money orders, cashier's checks, certified or company checks, and credit cards.
• Money orders, cashier’s, certified or company checks should be made payable to Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter and must accompany the ad(s) or patron(s) information.
• For convenience, you may pay online via PayPal (additional fees may apply). 
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Please note, criteria for ads purchased for the souvenir journal being tax deductible depend on if there is direct benefit for the purchaser in the journal. If the ad space is used to thank or congratulate the honoree, then you are not receiving a direct benefit and thus would have no further reduction in the amount you can claim as a charitable deduction. It’s acceptable to include your business name, logo, and slogan as part of such an acknowledgement. If you instead use the journal space to advertise your business, that use is providing you value and you would need to deduct that value from your contribution. The amount you can claim as tax deductible is then reduced by fair market value of an ad in printed media- i.e. a newspaper. 

Is this ad is support of a specific debutante or beau? *