Registration for the IFCA Youth Convention must be completed by the individual attending or by their parent/guardian.  Youth leaders are no longer permitted to register their students. 
All attendees must complete an Alpine Adventure Release of Liability as part of their registration.  The release form must be included with your payment.  Download the release form here.  No-one may attend convention if they have not completed the release.  There will be a $50 fee charged for releases received after May 25th. 
Prices increase after May 15th. Payment by check must be postmarked by May 25th.
The registration process has three steps...
Step 1 - Information about the church group you are attending with:
 - Church Name
 - Regional
 - Youth Leader's Name
 - Youth Leader's Email
 - Number of people being registered (Max 5 per registration)
Step 2 - Information about each person attending convention
 - Name, Gender, Age, Grade, T-shirt size
 - Roommate request
 - Dietary restrictions
 - Signature
Step 3 - Parent / Guardian Information
 - Emergency contact
 - Parent/Guardian Signature
If you are ready to proceed click NEXT below...