Wheelabrator Harewood Incinerator Proposal Objection

US Company Wheelabrator are proposing to build a huge Waste to Energy Incinerator in the heart of the countryside, just two miles from the Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and on top of the environmentally delicate aquifers that supply the rivers Test and Dever, where some of the finest examples of pristine chalk streams in the world can be found. If permission is granted for this then an industrial monstrosity standing 46 meters tall and and big enough to contain Winchester Cathedral twice over, would blight the area for decades to come. The stacks at least 70-80 meters tall would blast out plumes of vapour that on clear days would be visible from tens of miles away.

Incinerators are a increasing being seen as a cheap and dirty solution to dealing with waste, only marginally better than landfill.  They are no longer a viable option for a society concerned about reducing carbon emissions and managing consumption and waste responsibly. 

  • Environmentalists say this is not clean, green energy, and that waste incineration emits even more carbon dioxide than coal per unit of electricity generated.
  • Research indicates even low levels of particulate pollution can damage health.
  • Improved recycling will reduce demand, together with less single use plastic and government initiatives designed to support the circular economy.

However, the biggest argument against this proposal is that what ever your views might be on waste incineration this is simply the wrong place to even think of building one.

If allowed this will be one of the biggest incinerators across the whole of the UK, so huge that the planning process is the same as used for huge infrastructure projects like HS2, Heathrow expansion and the Stonehenge tunnel.  But it can be stopped.  The public consultation is underway running to December 12th.

If you want this incinerator stopped, the number one action needed right now is for you to OBJECT !  It is vital that as many people respond to the consultation phase as possible.  Numbers will count, so please do not leave it for someone else.

You can use this secure form to register your objection with Wheelabrator.

Or if you prefer you can send an email directly to


(and please also send copy to info@bintheincinerator.co.uk)

I wish to object to this proposal as I believe it is in the wrong place because it: * 🛈

Bin The Incinerator is a campaign by concerned Hampshire residents and farmers to stop US firm Wheelabrator building a massive incinerator in the heart of the beautiful and environmentally sensitive Test Valley.

The campaign, launched by the Keep Test Valley Beautiful group, are fighting to stop the proposal with the support of  specialist research by experts who are leaders in various fields.

Your objection will also help to stop the proposal by making it clear that the public do not support building this incinerator.  The final desicion will rest with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, who as an elected politician should take notice of the public view.
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