CES Advertising Contract

The Council for European Studies is pleased to offer a variety of advertising and exhibiting options, including featured ad space in all our publications, mobile app advertising in the CES Conference App, and exhibit space at the International Conference of Europeanists, among others.
Please complete this contract to purchase advertising space, indicating below what kind of advertising you are interested in. After you fill out the form, you will be provided with the option of paying by either credit/debit card or PayPal.
Full payment must be sent at time of order. No cash or agency discounts.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact advertising@ces-europe.org

Contact Information


Please select the type of CES advertising you would like to order. *

More information about CES advertising opportunities is available on our website: Advertising and Exhibits.
With questions, please contact advertising@ces-europe.org
Advertising in the European Studies Newsletter
Take advantage of special quarterly savings: save 20% off regular ad rates by purchasing ads for an entire quarter!
ESN Regular Ad Rates
ESN Special Quarterly Savings
Advertising in Journal
Save 10-15% off weekly ad rates by purchasing monthly ads!
To purchase advertising space at the 2019 CES Conference, please complete the following order form.
All print program ad orders must be received by March 5, 2019. Files should be submitted as high-resolution PDF, JPG or TIF files to advertising@ces-europe.org.

All other submissions (including mobile app advertising, inserts, book exhibits, and book tables) are due by April 5, 2019. All books and inserts should be timed to arrive in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Campus Puerta de Toledo Ronda de Toledo, 1  within 1-3 days prior to the conference. 
Please note that one table is 6 ft (1.8 m) in length. If you are interested in renting more than one table, please contact the Council at advertising@ces-europe.org for a personalized price quote.
Conference Book Tables & Exhibits [2]
*All staff provided by exhibitor must register for the conference at a discounted rate.
Advertising in the digital conference program app
Conference Print Program Advertising [1]

*All conference ad files should be submitted as high-resolution PDF, JPG, or TIF files to advertising@ces-europe.org by April 5, 2019. Newsletter and Publication ads have rolling deadlines. Please contact advertising@ces-europe.org for details.
*Books should be sent to the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Campus Puerta de Toledo
Ronda de Toledo, 1. Full address will be provided after your advertising order is processed. All books and inserts should arrive 1-3 days prior to the conference.