CES Small Event Grant - Application Form

CES Small Event Grants support workshops, lectures, symposia and other small events that share research on Europe with a wider community. Individuals affiliated with CES member institutions are eligible to apply for grants ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Each applicant must meet the following criteria:

• Be a representative of, or otherwise affiliated with, an institution that is a member of the CES Academic Consortium.
• Submit an application, promotional plan, budget and description of the event.
• Events that are affiliated with the International Conference of Europeanists organized by CES will be considered; however, unaffiliated events will be given preference.

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Applications may be submitted by an administrator, a faculty member, or a student, and must be accompanied by a digital copy of the event's budget, attached to this form (below). Submissions on paper will not be accepted.

Any questions regarding this form may be directed to awards@ces-europe.org

Is your institution a member of the CES Academic Consortium*
Please note that only CES member institutions are eligible to receive CES Small Event Grants.
Are you the administrative or faculty liaison for this CES member institution? *
If you answered "No," please provide the name, email address, and phone number of the administrative or faculty liaison in charge of this event.
Please note that CES will contact the administrative liaison at your institution to confirm your affiliation. We recommend that you contact the department about applying for this grant.

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If you receive this grant, you will be required to brand the event as CES sponsored, record the proceedings, and submit a grant report. Do you agree to these conditions? *
- brand the event as “sponsored by the Council for European Studies at Columbia University”
- record the proceedings audio-visually (photo, video, or sound)
- submit a grant report after the event (max. 2-3 pages)