Saint Ambrose Summer Camp Volunteer Application 2024

Saint Ambrose Summer Camp is a Catholic summer camp that encourages instructors, volunteers and campers to grow in their faith and love for Christ.  Our campers and volunteers grow in their faith through the guidance of young, enthusiastic Catholic instructors serving as role models in a fun and safe environment.  And our instructors have a chance to grow in their love of Christ through daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and theology presentations, and by working in a community of young Catholics.
Below are the responsibilities of staff members and volunteers, in order of importance.  Instructors and volunteers shall:
     1. Keep our children safe.
     2. Serve as positive Catholic role models for our children.
     3. Provide sound spiritual instruction and example.
     4. Be punctual, supportive and show initiative.
     5. Be an example of fun and excitement.
Our appearance is important.  Volunteers are expected to show up for work looking clean and presentable. Piercings, tattoos, unnatural hair colors and other appearance issues must be discussed and noted in the application.
Please keep in mind that assignments fluctuate frequently and flexibility is a must.  All work assignments are at the discretion of the Director and may change based on the needs of a particular camp.
If you find everything herein appealing, please apply.  This is an amazing and exciting experience provided you are willing to open your heart to growing in relationship with Christ and willing to turn your summer over to God!
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Saint Ambrose Summer Camp.