Do you rent or own your home *
Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs *



Is your yard totally fenced? *
Do you have a plan in place for vacation/away from home care for your pet? *
boarding, medical care, indoor housing, etc.? *
We require all animals adopted from us to be spayed or neutered. Do you have any questions or reservations about this policy? *
Are your current pets (if applicable) on monthly heartworm prevention? *
Are your current pets (if applicable) on vaccinations? *
Have you ever sold, given away, or surrendered a pet? *
The animal may not be housebroken. Are you willing to take the time to work with the animal? *
We may require a home visit as part of the application process. Will you comply? *
Adoption fees vary per dog depending on the extent of vet care that was required. The individual adoption fee is posted on each dog's petfinder profile. The adoption fee goes to fund medical care, food and shelter for all of our animals, not merely the one you are applying for. Will you comply? *
Have you applied to adopt from any other organization within the last 90 days? *
Is your whole family in agreement with adopting this dog or puppy? *
I understand this dog is currently in a southern foster home and will come to New England after adoption *
I am comfortable with a long-distance, sight-unseen adoption if I can receive extensive information about the dog from the southern foster mom. *
Once all your questions have been answered and your application has been approved, the dog you are adopting would need to come north on the next available transport, so the rescue can save another homeless dog. Do you have any questions about this? *
Are you ready for your puppy/dog to arrive this Saturday, IF there is available space on transport? *