WildElement Studios Commission Information
Please note: By commissioning me, you are consenting to being 18 years of age or older. (You must be 18+ to use most online payment sites as is.)

I use paypal invoices only. Please do not send money to any associated email address without an invoice. Thank you.
-Prices are PER character and may increase if your character is complicated! (Unless otherwise stated.)
-Telegram Sticker Set/Pack Info:
-Each sticker will have an unobtrusive signature/watermark on it. (All the examples above have one on it. Even at full resolution they aren't that noticable.)
-There will be an ID sticker in each set/pack that i do, even if its only 1-2 in a set.
-Obviously, once these are on telegram, they are a free for all to anyone who sees them as telegram stickers are public. If you wish that i put info linking back to your page for your character on the ID card i can totaly do that!

Thank you for showing interest in my artwork.
Please fill this out if you would like a quote or are interested in a commission.
I will respond VIA email within a day or two with any information you may need and weather or not i can take your commission(s).

**I may also be willing to accept Amazon or Redbubble gift cards if you do not wish to use Paypal. PLEASE EMAIL OR INCLUDE YOUR ALTERNATE PAYMENT REQUEST IN THE DESCRIPTION. I may not always be able to accept them however!
Return customers receive %5 off their orders of $50+. This stacks with any current commission sales as well. Are you a return customer? (Listed commission types with *ND* do not receive discounts. Only exception when a journal/Com sheet is posted that states they are discounted for a limited time.) *
How many characters will be involved? * 
Are you looking for extra's or mature content? *
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Do you Agree to the Terms of Service?

Terms of Service:


Please note: By commissioning me, you are consenting to being 18 years of age or older. (You must be 18+ to use most online payment sites as is.)

I use paypal invoices only. Please do not send money to any associated email address without an invoice. Thank you.
-Prices are PER character and may increase if your character is complicated! (Unless otherwise stated.)
-Telegram Sticker Set/Pack Info:
-Each sticker will have an unobtrusive signature/watermark on it. (All the examples above have one on it. Even at full resolution they aren't that noticable.)
-There will be an ID sticker in each set/pack that i do, even if its only 1-2 in a set.
-Obviously, once these are on telegram, they are a free for all to anyone who sees them as telegram stickers are public. If you wish that i put info linking back to your page for your character on the ID card i can totaly do that!

I prefer to be contacted via Email at WildElementStudios@Live.ca but if you need to ask quick questions feel free to comment or note me. If it turns into, "yes I want a commission" then I will direct you to the E-mail address and ask you contact me there.

Please note that I am mainly an anthro and fantasy artist. I am not practiced at drawing human faces and at this time I do not offer human commissions or fantasy creatures with human faces unless they have a hybrid-styled face as I do not want to offer sub-par artwork to my clients. In the meantine I continue to practice and one day if I feel it's worth offering, I will.

I work multiple jobs, some paid, some volunteer based. If work from my other jobs come up and it has a due date, commission work will be slow. I will either E-mail you or post a notice on FA/DA/twitter stating what's going on so you aren't kept in the dark. With the exception of emergencies, i have a fairly balanced schedule between all of my duties.

I am comfortable drawing quite a variety of different subject matter and ratings (ranging from G-rated to R-rated and by agreeing to this TOS you agree that you are of legal age to purchase what content you are asking of me.) but if after reading this ToS you aren't sure where your idea falls, please feel free to shoot me an E-mail asking about it. I will draw any animal species (real or mythical) and do my best to make it legitimately look like that creature. If your request contains a character of a generic or unspecified species I will draw something generic to suite your needs. However if you have any specifications beyond that please let me know so that I can do my best to cater to them.

Man made objects like machines, weapons, armour, buildings, etc, are definitely not a strong point, but if I really like the idea I might jump at the chance to do it. If its going to pose a problem or possibly is too difficult at the time for me I may decline or try to work with you to find alternatives for the image. I am a pretty easy-going person and I want you to be happy with your work. If it turns out that I am just not the person for the job, then I do not want to do it and have you feel its not worth your while. Possibly try again in the future!

Please be advised that it is the commissioners' responsibility to provide me with all of the information needed for the commission. I ask questions a lot of the time if I am unsure but please provide as much as you can right off the bat. If you have no pose in mind or you want me to wing it, PLEASE give me a short personality description so I can go off that. If you do not give me a pose and you dislike the pose that I came up with then I will change small things. Although I will not re-do the sketch without a fee, as that's not included with wing-it commissions.

I Will Draw:

  • -Anthro's (of any kind. I am always up for the challenge of drawing something new! :D )
  • -Cubs/Underage (No 18+/innaproprioate art of cubs EVER. DONT EVEN ASK. THANKS. Drawing young creatures is really fun in regular situations though and a great challenge!)
  • -Cross-dressing, bondage gear and possibly other 'out there' outfits. Ask if unsure!
  • -Mythical/Alien characters.
  • -Nudity.
  • -Adult content.
  • -Minor Vore or Gore/Blood.
  • -My characters with others but it is on a case by case basis and Temrin is normally not available! I have plenty of characters however! Feel free to ask!

I Will NOT Draw:

  • -Cubs in 18+/innaproprioate situations or with soiled diapers.
  • -Scat/Watersports/Excretion.
  • -Extreme Hyper/Vore/Gore.
  • -Xrated Pregnancy (I am cool with drawing a mother and father rubbing the tummy or celebrating motherhood but I will not do X-rated scenes with a pregnant character. Nudity is totaly fine. Romantic too.)
  • -I will not draw anything that I feel is hateful to others or might promote it.

Payments and Plans:

  • I ONLY ACCEPT CANADIAN RIGHT NOW. For this reason, Paypal or Alertpay/Payza is greatly preferred because conversion is easiest. I accept Money orders ONLY if paypal/Alertpay/Payza isn't an option for you.
  • I may accept direct transfers from time to time.
  • I MAY also accept Amazon or Redbubble gift cards. Please email me to ask about this option.
  • Please note: At conventions I WILL accept cash! (Or if you are local and i have time ot meet up, we can schedule something!)
  • Payment is due upfront before work will begin. Payment Plans available however. (Read below)
  • Taxes may apply.

I am more then happy to take payment for just the sketch so you can approve it before paying more. (I show artwork at each stage. Sketch, Inks, Flats, Final. What changes can be made at each stage are listed under "Process".)

I am also happy to do half up front (I count each stage as a section so I will normally ask for what sketch + inks adds up to and then ask for flats and colouring after the inks are approved.) If half is paid, I will -only- do half the work of the image. The final payment is required before I will do the rest.

If you need to work out some other kind of plan, please let me know! We will try to work something out. Larger projects I am totally cool with working something else out since half and half might be more then you can afford at one time.

If you are sending an e-Cheque PLEASE tell me before hand. I will not start work until it has been approved by the bank and Paypal and is in my account. If you cannot pay within 48 hours then please let me know. I might have to bump you back to the next commission "batch" if that's the case. If I do not hear from you after 48 hours then your spot may be given up for other at my own discretion. So please let me know! I do my very best to keep in touch with my customers and am available for contact in multiple places. (I used many services for this reason, so my clients can always get a hold of me somewhere!)

Commission Process:

I will accept the following changes during the commission process:

Skech: 1 pose re-do, small changes. (Wingits/"No pose idea given" do NOT get pose re-do's)

Lineart: Small changes, A limb or two. (I will also obviously add anything I may have missed on the ref or in the emails.)

Flat Colours: Any colour/marking mess-up I will change.

Final: Small colour changes if I mess-up, Added effects, etc.

Additionaly: If I miss something about your character and it is not caught before I start flat colouring, I'll do my best to fix it. No guarantee's though. If it is a huge thing it will be really hard to change.

Small changes DO have a limit. It depends on the piece and what you ask to be changed. If you wish more changes to be done after I set the limit (told you I will not do anymore), I will charge a free ($5+) for extra changes if you want them after that.

Shipping fees will be discussed if I am to send you the original traditional piece or not. There will be no shipping fees on small things like ACEO's, Clip-less Badges, or anything small enough to fit in a flat envelope.

Shipping Fee's start at $5 (Buys the packaging as well)

Harassment Fee:

Its fairly simple.

If you ask me 2+ times a week about your art and when it's getting done, you are actually preventing me from getting my work done because now i have to take more time answering emails then actually working on art. I take time and care to make sure that my lists are up to date and readily available for all of my clients.

How do you find what stage your work is at?

  • I will email you WIPS and keep in contact with you. Feel free to email me once every 1-2 weeks (or sooner if its due soon/I said I would have something done by a certain time, etc.)
  • Online commission list and stage info -Please Check Here FIRST-
  • Twitter: I will normally state what I'm working on.

I normally send off the link to the online list when people ask, but if you still are requesting this information every day or quite often, I will let you know if you are pending a harassment fee. I will NEVER give one out without stating that you don't need to contact me every day/please look at my commission list online before asking, etc.

The fee starts at $5. I will let you know if/when you are close to getting one. I have not had to do this yet! I really don't want to start now.

NOTE: Can you have a conversation with me? Yes! I am normally more then happy to have a short conversation through email/twitter/etc. I enjoy talking to people but please remember that I have multiple jobs and may not answer right away, or I may have to stop the convorsation because I will be busy on consecutive days. Please don't feel i am ignoring you if that is the case.


At ANY time during the commission myself or the commission may ask for work to stop and a refund* be given.

  • If I am unable to do your commission for whatever reason, I will let you know and organize a refund or perhaps if you don't mind waiting, putting you on a later commission batch so that I can do it during that time instead.
  • If you need to cancel for whatever reason, let me know ASAP! If work hasn't started then I will give a full refund. If work -has- started then I will refund you the amount for what I have not done. E.g. If I've done the sketch I will keep payment for the sketch and refund all of the rest as I do deserve to get paid for what I've done.
  • Neither the commissioner nor the artist must explain why they are canceling. I will probably ask if its something I did that you disliked so I can learn for future reference and not repeat that action. I take criticism fairly well and want to know if I make someone uncomfortable, the comfort of my clients is always one of my top priorities. So please let me know! If you express that you do not want to answer then I will not hound you. (But if it is about me then I cannot improve if I do not know what I did.)
  • Artwork is non-refundable once it is complete.

Turn Around times and Asking for Deadlines:

My commissions are usually worked on in batches of about 2-3. I will sometimes focus on one to get it done. While I am waiting for approval from the client I will work on the other commissions in the batch.

Sometimes I wont do them quite in order. I want to be able to draw what inspires me on that day as it usually makes turn around times faster for you.

If you have not given me a deadline in the commission order form then I will take my time on it. Normal turn around speed depends on what work I have from my other jobs and how close to events the commission is made. I try to get everything done within a month. If complications arise I make sure to notify through email or post journals. If you are at the bottom of the queue feel free to drop me a line to see if I have an approximate date I will be starting but please do not hound me. If you want it done by a certain date, then please make that request on the commission form.

I would appreciate 2 weeks notice at the very least for due dates but sometimes I am able to squeeze last minute things in. Please understand if I have to say no. It is out of my hands if I am already to busy. You will have to find someone else.

Artist Rights:

  • I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason and in no way am I obligated to give a reason for that refusal.
  • I retain all copyright to my work (This is NOT a work for hire!) which means I have the right to post it, print it, sell it, put it in portfolios, etc. (If you want the rights to my work, to sell any of my work, Please Ask and we will work out a price for it. Please read Client rules below before inquiring.)
  • I have the right to cancel a commission at any time during the process with no explanation. Read the refunds section for information on what happens in this event.
  • I am not obligated to post your picture in my gallery or anywhere else.
  • I have the right to use rejected sketches for personal use and possibly for commissions. (This is if you reject an entire sketch and I must redraw a whole new pose for you.) I of course will make sure it does not look like your character (altering markings and important character features.

Client rights:

  • You have the right to cancel a commission at any time without explanation. (Please read the refunds section for info on the process.)
  • You have the right to ask for changes! Read the Process section for all details!
  • You are free to post the small/watermarked version of the commission anywhere you please as long as it is linked back to me in the description. (Whether it is by icon or link.) If you post the image to a repost-it site please make sure a link back to the original post on my gallery or my gallery in general is sourced! I would appreciate your restraint from posting it to places that do not allow uploaders to source it. Feel free to ask if you are unsure.)
  • You have the right to ask for a hi-res copy of the image for PERSONAL use only. (Unless otherwise agreed/contract signed to allow you to use it for other reasons.) Hi-res files are for personal non-commercial printing uses, computer backgrounds, etc. In the case of Ref sheets, feel free to link the larger version to other artists if they have a hard time seeing the small version. This is A-ok!
  • You have permission to crop/edit/alter the image [ONLY] for banners, icons, signatures; etc provided there is credit to me somewhere on your profile. BUT PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE OR EDIT THE IMAGE TO REPOST It. Banners and icons are small and fine to crop without signatures/watermarks BUT YOU MAY NOT MAKE EDITS TO MY IMAGES (Colouring over, altering the image itself) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. (normally if you ask first and let me know what you are editing it for i'm totally fine with it. Heck, if you want edits to an image after the fact, ask and we can work something out. I have no problem with this :3 )
  • Feel free to ask me if you want me to make a banner/signature/icon/other web graphic for you! I am more then happy to do that. THIS INCLUDES CHARACTER CLOSEUPS IF YOU WANT ONE!
  • If you wish to keep your commission private (aka, I don't post it anywhere) feel free to ask. If it is something I think I could print and sell or would like to make it part of a portfolio, there may be a charge for it as keeping it private will be loosing me income to live off of. Just ask and we can work something out. :3

Questions and Contacts:

I am totally open for suggestions, questions, comments, anything. I consider myself a negotiable person; so if you have any concerns about commission prices or anything, feel free to ask! I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accommodate every single person so please understand if I cannot cater to you. I will do my best to see if i can!

Feel free to email me at WildElementStudios[at]Live.ca if you need to ask questions or contact me for anything commission related! If you are asking for updates please visit before asking! I update this within 24 hours of any progress made of commissions. (Normally within hours.) If there is a deadline feel free to contact me more frequently but please limit it to 1-2 times a week. I keep in contact with my clients and hate leaving people in the dark. So if you haven't heard from me in a few weeks and are curious, email me!


I do Livestream occasionally but i will not garuantee that i will work on your commission completely in stream unless it is during an event like Homecon where the whole event is streamed.

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